en•rich: to improve or enhance the quality of

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We are trained scientists. Not saleswomen. We value truth over trends, facts over fads and science over speed.

We're on a mission to provide clarity in a world of confusion, to impart the skills required to filter out the noise, and to be a constant resource within an evolving scientific landscape.

We've set out to demystify, deconstruct and debunk nutrition misinformation, to educate the world on what we do know about nutrition and health,
and to translate complex scientific evidence into digestible lessons to improve your health and well-being.

We won't promise to heal your gut, balance your hormones or boost your metabolism, nor will we promote superfoods or silver bullets. Instead we promise to listen and learn, simplify and support, educate and empower.

We are enriched, and we can't wait to meet you.

Who We Are

Nicole Ninteau

Nicole Ninteau

Anna Cataldo

Anna Cataldo

Minimizing the confusion around nutrition science to maximize your health and quality of life

About Enriched

What We Do


Meal plans, exercise programs, dietary assessments and private coaching to help you achieve and maintain your health-related goals.

Corporate Wellness

A connected and interactive experience centered around nutrition, exercise and mindfulness.


Expert opinions, analyses and recommendations to meet your specific business needs.

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